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US-Quarry has many different kinds of granite, Chelmsford Grey, Kitledge Grey, Mason, Milford Pink, and Tapestry to name just some of the granites we carry.


Chelmsford Grey is a light grey stone of fine to medium grain, highlighted by small black flakes. On a large scale project this stone exhibits surprising subtle movement. It is a quiet stone of enduring beauty and strength that has been use in major building and civil projects including more recently the Federal Judicial Building and the National Cathedral in Washington, DC and numerous major bridge projects throughout the eastern United States. US-Quarry Chelmsford Grey Quarry comprising approximately 140 acres located off route 40 in Westford, Massachusetts.. Today it is recognized across the nation for its achievements in wasteless extraction of dimension stone.


Kitledge Grey is a fine to medium grained salt and pepper colored stone. Its uniform graining and excellent workability make it a popular stone for almost any application. US-Quarry’s Kitledge Grey quarry, located approximately 80 acres off Armory Road in Milford, New Hampshire has been in continuous operation since the early 1900’s and was acquired by FGCL in 1992.


Mason is a finely grained stone of medium buff grey, with black mica sprinkled across its surface in a compact, even pattern. Mason is a majestic stone. With its small scale and warm tones, Mason may call to mind the texture of a Shetland tweed. Mason granite has been chosen for important buildings including many of the buildings on the campus of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and the German History Museum in Berlin, Germany. US-Quarry’s Mason quarry located on approximately 218 acres off Starch Road in Mason, New Hampshire began production in the1880’s and was acquired by FGCL in 1929.


Milford Pink is considered one of the great granites of North America because of its impressive character, particularly when used in large areas. It has a subtle color clearly evident in its finished surface. In the rough state the pink shades to a warm light grey that distinguishes Milford Pink from the more typical grey stock. The stone is flecked with black mica in a wide and irregular pattern. Milford Pink has been used for over one-hundred-thirty years for major projects ranging from the Boston Public Library in the 1870’s to the Singapore International Airport in 2002. US-Quarry’s Milford Pink quarry located off Lumbar Street in Hopkinton, Massachusetts has been in operation since 1984 and was acquired by FGCL in 1994.


Tapestry is a highly variegated granite containing grey, pink, purple and black colors in swirling and irregular patterns. It is a unique stone with infinite variations. Tapestry is an elegant stone where flecks of silver and gold seem to sparkle against subtle tones on beige and gray. It is as strong as it is beautiful and is one of the few building granites that retains its color when flame finished. Tapestry is an exceptional building stone. Its color and random pattern allow architects a great measure of aesthetic flexibility. US-Quarry’s Tapestry quarry is located on approximately 80 acres in Milford, New Hampshire. This property has been operating as a quarry since the early 1900’s and was acquired by FGCL in 1992.


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