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Granite Kitchens

Granite is popular to use in kitchens because of it’s durability, it’s resistance to stains, and it’s porosity. It’s also favored because of the look of granite. You can polish it up to the point where it looks just like marble. It’s a great substitute for marble,¬†quartzite and limestone as a building material when remodeling your home.

Uses and Applications

You can build or remodel the kitchen with granite countertops, granite backsplashes, granite shelves, granite sinks, granite kitchen islands, granite tile flooring or granite tile walls. Granite can be purchased in slabs and cut down to a custom size, or in tile form. Using a contractor like Reliable, will assure that your kitchen is assembled the way you want.

Key Benefits

Granite is often used for kitchen remodeling and construction projects because it is a highly durable and versatile material, is easy to clean, and is visually attractive. Other key benefits of granite are that it does not harbor bacteria and is easy to sanitize, can be cut and formed into any shape including ovals, arches and squares, is relatively scratch-resistant, and can accommodate hot pans and pots without getting scorched or burned. Even more than other materials, Granite can add value to the home.


Several varieties of granite are available. These include biotite granite that has high concentrations of quartz, biotite, K-feldspar and plagioclase; hornblende granite that contains mica and hornblende, and Tourmaline granite that contains high concentrations of Tourmaline. Whether you’re investing in granite kitchen countertops or tile flooring, you can choose from hundreds of shades of granite that range from green, blue, purple, green, silver, ivory, gray and pink.


Unlike other kitchen surfaces, granite will not stain or dull over time. It is very low-maintenance and can be cleaned using regular household cleaners, soap and water. In addition to cleaning your granite surfaces on a regular basis, you may need to have a professional seal the surfaces using a special finish. The sealing process must be performed at least once per year to protect the granite from chipping and general wear and tear.

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